Obama’s Campaign Thugs

I am amazed, though I suppose I should not be, that the story of Missouri prosecutors and sheriffs using their positions to advance the Obama campaign has had so little coverage outside the blogosphere. This is the most significant story regarding Obama, and his campaign, to date.

Youtube video of original news broadcast – click to watch!

Who would have thought that, in our lifetime, would openly take sides in a campaign as public officials?

Imagine if Governor Napolitano was up for re-election, and the head of the Arizona National Guard said, “We, and the people of Arizona, want this campaign to be about issues. If we see anyone lying about Governor Napolitano, or engaging in personal attacks, we’ll do what we can to prevent that – whether the attacks come from the a campaign, or 527’s. We are deploying assets to Phoenix, Tucson, and Flagstaff to make sure these lies and personal attacks do not go unanswered.”

I would hope that we would all say, “How dare you! How dare you take sides in a political campaign as members of the military! How dare you engage in intimidation of those whom your are supposed to be serving! And who the heck is the National Guard to judge the veracity of campaign commercials!”

Why are these questions not being asked of those prosecutors and sheriffs in Missouri?
According to the news report, they were recruited by the Obama campaign. What do you suppose these whores were promised – a staff position at the White House? A lawyer job at the Department of Justice? Maybe some cushy regional FEMA Director position?

The important thing, at this point, is the realization that an Obama administration will differ little from the thug machine politics of Chicago, where Obama learned the trade. Treat him like any other politician – do not listen to what he says, look at what he does.

Unity? Liberty? Prosperity? – not things we are likely to see in an Obama administration. Think about that when you vote.

Gee, do you think that these “Truth Squad” folks will adopt uniforms? If they do, will they be black like SWAT teams, or maybe just brown shirts like AmeriCorp?