Post Thanksgiving Day Thoughts

My family and I had a delightful Thanksgiving Day. People from grandparents to small children were in attendance. All expressed gratitude for living in the same town, where we can all come together. I am certainly grateful for that, and our Tucson community, and for our nation.

Thanksgiving Day by itself, however, is incomplete. It is an annual event during which we come together to give thanks collectively. The compliment to that, is our daily prayers and meditations with which we give thanks individually. It is a dynamic, a synergy, that strengthens our spirit.

We certainly would not want to attend weekly worship services, just to forget God in our daily lives; nor would we want to pray and meditate in isolation, without experiencing Him through our fellows. Oliver Wendel Holmes said, “My religion can be summed up in the first two words of the Lords Prayer.” It is a beautiful and concise summation of the relation of God and man.

I endeavor to pray and meditate every day. I fall short of that goal, but I never forget it. I always include a prayer of thanks.

I was given a wonderful suggestion once. If I wanted to think of more things for which I was grateful, all I had to do was think of things for which I was proud, then substitute the word “grateful” for the word “proud”. It worked well for me, and helped develop a little humility as well.