Lexicon for the New Millenium

Gentrification n. 1. the process whereby affluent people move into poorer neighborhoods and invest large sums of money in their respective properties, thereby increasing neighborhood aesthetics and property values overall; historic properties are often preserved without any government expenditures.

Healthcare n. 1. a payment system designed around a central authority that collected funds and dispersed payments to providers of medical services, usually a government or insurance company. 2. [archaic] relating to the practice of medicine, the industry relating to the practice of medicine.

Living Wage n. 1. artificially high compensation for entry-level employment imposed by government. 2. A method of shutting unskilled labor out of the job market and preserving jobs for union members. 3. A tool used by government to gratuitously insert itself the employee-employer relationship.

Smart Growth
n. 1. a planning policy that seeks to force citizens into ersatz urban environments whether they like it or not.

Suburban Sprawl n. 1. residential communities in which people freely live where they chose to live.

Transit n. 1. federally subsidized transportation boondoggles that are inferior to the automobile, and more costly.


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