Tucson Elections Wrap-up

The votes have been cast, and Tucsonans sent clear messages regarding the ballot proposals. Council races are now official.


Richard Fimbres won Ward V beating Shaun McCluskey. Karin Uhlich hangs on to Ward III by 195 votes beating Ben Beuhler-Garcia. Steve Kozachick upsets incumbent Nina Trasoff in Ward VI by well over 1,000 votes.

Props 401 and 402, TUSD Overrides:

Both attempts by Tucson Unified School District to exceed its its budgets limits were defeated, both by substantial 20 point margins. The failure reflects a basic distrust among Tucsonans. From the many financial scandals, to the “Post Unitary Status Plan”. Greg Patterson of Espresso Pundit credits the controversial “La Raza” (The Race) program.

Young man with Karin Uhlich tee-shirt holds SEIU generated ant-prop 200 sign at Tea Party

Prop 200, Public Safety:

This ill-conceived proposal would mandate specific police and fire response times, officer/population ratios, etc.The idea was to force the council to fund basic services rather than pet projects, favored charities, and payoffs to supporters. The promotion effort was terrible, and the Left seized on the general anti-tax mood to attack the proposal. Service Employees International Union (SEIU) activists were seen at the last Tucson Tea Party parading around with signs saying that Prop 200 would increase taxes. It lost 70% to 30%

1 thought on “Tucson Elections Wrap-up

  1. Prop 200 “ill-conceived?” It’s promotion “terrible?”If all that is so (and I would dispute both statements) you would be serving people better by explaining why you think so, not just making criticisms with no explanations or rationales. Frankly, this is what “the other side” does as a means of shutting off debate and engaging knee-jerk emotionalism. Perhaps you are correct, but why? I, for example, believed in and strongly supported Prop 200. They must be some reason. Am I stupid? Ignorant of some principle or some facts? Overly emotional? What? Let’s have some rationale here for your conclusions.

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