Tucson City Budget – a Place to Start

It is not news that City of Tucson revenues are way down. Sales taxes account for 42% of discretionary spending, and they have dropped off significantly, with no relief predicted in the near future.

In response, the City has cut back in the areas of hiring, training, and travel. It has also “slashed 10 percent of what it gives social services groups,” according to a local daily.

I have an idea. How about slashing 100 percent of what it gives to social service groups? It would be timely in light of the current budget problems, and no, I’m not suggesting that charities and non-profits not receive funding. I’m suggesting that they be funded directly by the people. Private donations are usually based on the institution’s performance. Government donations are based on politics. Besides, if you let the government make your donation decisions for you, the next thing you know, they’ll be choosing your light bulbs for you.

Seriously, is it not somewhat dehumanizing when the City infringes on the realm of giving? When you freely give your money to a worthy cause, your karma improves and your character is strengthened. When you give other people’s money to a worthy cause, you receive no such benefits.

If you think that people only do the right thing when forced to do so, then you will find free societies frustrating.

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