Vets for Freedom

Regardless of what you think of the global war on the Western World launched by Islamic fanatics, it is important that the West prevails. It is a matter of survival. There are many fronts, hot and cold. The European theater is mostly cold – if you don’t count the rioting around Paris. In the Pacific Theater, there are the Indonesian and Philippines fronts, hot and cold in turns. In the Middle East, there ar the Afghanistan, Israel, and Iraq fronts, all hot.

The enemies of the West have learned that the have not a prayer in a stand-up fight. The Arab states surrounding Israel launched conventional wars against her repeatedly, and failed every time. Then they learned, from the North Vietnamese communists, to frame it as a “human rights” struggle for the “Palestinians”. They would get plenty of support from western leftists, and the war would be won in the streets of America and Europe. The jihadis understand this too. After all, it worked for the Vietnamese, it is working against Israel, it should work for them. That is why they keep attacking. They see how the American left is undermining the military effort, and realize that it is just a matter of time before we cut and run.

Our military is the best in the world. We are winning in Iraq. Like Vietnam, we win every battle, but the war will be decided on the streets of America and Europe. Along with the jihadis, many in our military get it. That is why a group of Iraq veterans, who came home to witness a propaganda campaign against the American military, are fighting back at home with the sword of truth. They will not stand by while the battles are being won in Iraq, and th war is being lost at home.

They are now in the middle of a nationwide tour that will culminate in an appearance before the U.S. Congress on April 8, 2008. You can go to their web site to learn more:

I was able to interview a few of these decorated Iraq veterans when they were in Tucson. You can listen to the interviews by clicking the podcast buttons below. If you are a Vietnam Vet, you really should listen to the interview with David Bellavia; he has something important to say to you.


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