Evil and Stupid – The Monikers Explained

Many Libertarians, as well as others, refer to the Democrat and Republican parties as the Evil Party and the Stupid Party respectively.

Senator Charles Schumer, Democrat, New York, is trying to force the resignation of Alberto Gonzalez, Attorney General of the United States. Why is he doing this? Answer: because he can. Anytime he thinks that he might destroy a Republican, he’ll take the shot.

Here’s the ploy. Schumer is running around suggesting that there is something highly unusual about the firing of a eight or ten Justice Department attorneys. He claims that the firings were “politically motivated”. The implication is that these positions are some sort civil service jobs – they are not. All the attorneys “serve at the pleasure of the president.” That means that if the president or the attorney general does not like your cologne, you can be fired.

Justice Department lawyers come and go with each administration. It is standard procedure for an administration to begin replacing attorneys from the old administration from the “git-go”, replacing them gradually over time.

Now, there are unethical ways to do this. The Clintons, for example, fired all of them – all at once, immediately upon taking office. This not only caused a certain amount of chaos, in some cases, plaintiffs found themselves with new lawyers who switched sides and worked against them! That sort of thing is a heap big breach of legal ethics. Where was Senator Schumer then?

Schumer knows all this stuff, yet he lies and cheats in the hope of ruining as many innocents as possible. So it is not a hyperbole to say that Schumer, the Democrat, is evil – but I repeat myself.

So what does Gonzalez say in defense of himself and the president? Well, he should have said something like the following:

“Senator Schumer knows full well that there was nothing unusual or unseemly concerning these terminations. He knows that these are not career positions, and that Justice Department lawyers serve at the pleasure of the President. I can only speculate as to Senator Schumer’s motivations regarding this attack on this administration, but it does appear to be politically motivated.” He might then add, “I have said before that I take full responsibility for the actions of people under my authority, unlike Senator Schumer who distanced himself from his workers who attempted to smear candidate Michael Steele after stealing his personal financial information. Might Senator Schumer’s complaints be a similar smear attempt, but without any information, financial or otherwise?”

Instead, Gonzalez stated that, gosh, mistakes might have been made, and it probably could have been handled better, I accept responsibility, blah, blah, blah. Of course, what he said was consistent with President “Can’t we All Just Get Along” Bush’s make-nice-with-the-Democrats approach to governing – an approach which encourages more bad behavior, weakens the administration, is terrible for the morale of administration employees, and is generally…well…stupid.

Any questions?

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