A Great Darkness Fell on the Land

Our country is entering a period of darkness. I’m referring, of course, to Britney’s divorce…just kidding. As I was saying, our country is entering a period of darkness, but we have endured similar states of affairs in my lifetime, the Carter administration comes to mind, and have come through them O.K.

Speaking of Jimmy Carter, can we put him under house arrest or something? I mean, he goes to North Korea and puts a deal together for President Clinton that helped create the problem we face today by handing them nuke technology, and looking the other way while the initiated their bomb program. Always warm for the dictator, he certifies the election in Venezuela that delivered Hugo Chavez to power. The “Carter Center” certified the election without checking the computer vote totals against the paper totals – as you recall, there were “problems” with the computerized machines, so officials had to go in and “fix” them in the middle of Election Day. Now Daniel Ortega, Soviet supported commie strongman from the eighties, gets elected in Nicaragua, and Jimmy has already had his first suck-up meeting with him. Unbelievable!

Carter is considered by some to be the first anti-American president. Now, we may have the first anti-American Congress. With committee chairmanships going to the likes of John Dingle, John Conyers, Charlie Wrangle, Henry Waxman …I must stop, the nausea is starting.

What will this mean? A veritable subpoenarama! Everyone in the Bush administration will be up for grabs. Impeachment is a definite maybe. Republicans were hurt by the impeachment of Clinton, so the Democrats may hold off until they are sure that the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and the Washington Post has softened everyone up enough. John Conyers is “chompin’ at the bit”, as the President might say, to move forward with it, though he can’t move forward alone.

What happened? Well, the Republicans thought they had it made, and began acting like it. There is a reason that the Democrat and Republican parties are referred to as the Evil Party and the Stupid Party respectively.

2 thoughts on “A Great Darkness Fell on the Land

  1. Could not agree with you more. The Republicans brought this on themselves by going native and acting like Democrats. And welcome back to the blog.

  2. Thanks Mike!

    An interesting twist lies in the fact that conservative Democrats were recruited for many of the races in hopes of winning, so now the Democrats will have Looney Tune leftists iin the chairmanships, with reasonable people populating the rest of the Congress. Could get interesting.


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