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Beloved fans,

I apologize for dropping out of sight. Frankly, I was all but ready to abandon the blog effort. As many of you know, I have joined the team of real writers on, a brilliant site that supports the Inside Track radio program heard every Saturday on 690 KVOI. I am honored to rub shoulders with the likes of Tom Danehy, Mike Tully, and the big guy himself, EF (Emil Franzi). By the way, if you like the photograph of me doing a press-check on my Kimber, check out photograph of me hefting a 60’s vintage Colts SP-1 (AR-15). From the start page at, click “columns” on the tool bar, then click “Jonathan Hoffman” (my pen name), and you’ll see it! This is a big step up for a simple wage-earning blue-collar member of the proletariat such as myself, and it has occupied all of my blog time; and yet, I miss my faithful readers and my little piece of the blogosphere.

Jack’s back.

I really feel the need to jump in here on behalf of Senator Kerry. I disagree with Senator Kerry on just about anything policywise, but I am able to be objective, and take him at his word.

Now, when I heard the controversial statement he made about how education is important, and if you study, do your homework, and get smart (not the television show), you can be successful, otherwise you end up stuck in Iraq (insert rimshot here), it was clear to me that he was talking about Sadam Hussein. No really! Think about it. Sadam could have gone to school and become a doctor, lawyer, civil engineer, and have immigrated to anywhere he wished. Instead, he became a despot, a career with no educational prerequisites, and became stuck in Iraq. Only someone like Karl Rove would think that he was referring to the troops.

Then on the following day, Senator Kerry went on a rant explaining that he was, in fact, referring to the president, Sadam Hussein, and not the troops. He added that it was President Sadam that owed the troops an apology, not him. Does anybody really disagree with that?

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