Pray It’s a Joke

They say that the Internet is a dangerous place for children and the faint of heart. I am beginning to believe it.

O.K., I need a little help here. I was poking around on the Internet and clicked an ad for a book entitled Why Mommy is a Democrat; by the way, here is the link – I included the link so that you would not think that I was making this up.

My problem is that I cannot tell if this book is for real, or the whole thing is some sort of The Onion style parody. The main page could be interpreted either way. As I went deeper into the site, I began to sense that this is either a very clever joke, or that Democrats are in need of serious counseling.

In the interest of digging deeper, I clicked on the review by the National Center for the Study of Children’s Literature (yuk,yuk). There I found a very complimentary “review” that included such classic stupid lines as “…exemplifying abstract beliefs like tolerance and accessible health care.” Calling health care an abstract belief is right up there with “Poverty is Violence.” This is clearly beyond serious, so I suspect a joke is being played.

Though I do think it is very clever, the author did take a kind of short cut by taking all virtues Republican and calling them Democrat. While this is in fact what Democrat propagandists do, it is a bit formulaic for a great parody.

It occurred to me that Republicans could take this parody and publish it as a real children’s book, only reverse the roles! At least it would be more or less accurate; but then, it’s not the nature of Republicans to abuse children by robbing them of their childhood by indoctrinating them in partisan politics before age five. They generally leave that sort of “education” to the Democrats and National Socialists.

Anyway, if any of you find out for sure, one way or the other, let me know. Thanks.

2 thoughts on “Pray It’s a Joke

  1. I’ve just discovered your entry on my book, and I must tell you that I’m as confused as you claim to be. Your comments almost read is if they’re meant to be taken seriously, and yet, since there are so many ways to easily confirm the authenticity of my book, I suspect this must be a parody of the various libertarian and right-wing websites that have been critical of my book. I wouldn’t be surprised if some other libertarian accuses me of pretending to be a libertarian who’s pretending to be critical of my book.

  2. Mr. Zibler,

    Thanks for the response. Frankly, I’ve think I’ve lost track of reality altogether on this one. Lest you think I only pick on Democrats, please read my subsequent posting, written earlier today.


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