Bow before the Iberians

I recently read an article, in one of the local dailies, which told of an incident involving the Border Patrol and some undocumented pharmaceutical importers.

The importers were traveling on the U.S. side of borderline when the Border Patrol approached them. They ran from our border agents, who gave chase. Without further provocation, the importers began shooting at our agents, who returned fire. Eventually, the importers abandoned their vehicle and ran across the borderline to the Mexican side. Our agents arrived at the vehicle and began to search it. The importers, now in Mexico, began shooting at our agents again. Our agents did not return fire this time because they could not see the targets.

I mention this event not because it is unusual, quite the contrary, these sorts of events have been occurring with alarming regularity – so common are they that they have lost their significance.

What can be gleaned from this incident? Let’s take a look:

1. There is no border security. The smugglers through their contraband in the back of an SUV and drove north on a dirt road. The only precaution they took was to choose a road a few miles outside of town.

2. Our border agents are no threat to criminals. Why did the importers gratuitously fire on the Border Patrol, then fire on them again when they were no longer being pursued? Did they do it for fun? Would they do the same to, say, the Mexican Federales?

3. The government of Mexico is not our friend. I heard of no outrage on the part of the Mexican government, no apology, and no promise of action to prevent this sort of thing in the future. Apparently the government of Mexico is just fine with it’s frontier being used as a springboard for criminal activity in our country, and sees no problem with Mexican soil being used as a safe haven from which Americans can be shot.

These truths lead to some interesting questions. Why do we put up with this treatment from the Mexican government? Of what are we afraid? Are we experiencing such internal decay, that we now bow before the Iberian despots? Can we recover our nationhood, or are we too far gone?

América, donde esta tu cojones?