Happy Belated Patriots’ Day!

I’m sorry I did not do this sooner, but happy Patriots’ Day! As some of you older people may recall, April 19 is the date the “Shot Heard ‘Round the World” was fired, launching the American Revolution.

Unrest had been brewing for a while, and it came to a head when the British sent troops to confiscate firearms stored at Bunker Hill. It is not clear whether or not the British declared a “state of emergency” or not. The site of the first skirmish was a wooden bridge in Concord, Massachusetts where the famous shot was fired.

Alas, many other events have competed for mind space regarding the nineteenth of April; from the bombing of the federal government building in Oklahoma City, to the execution of the Final Solution by the FBI to solve the Branch Davidian problem, to the Boston Marathon.

While the Main Stream Media (MSM) remains fixated on one or more of these other events, the rest of us can pause, and give thanks for that shot; that shot that changed the world for the better.

If you need help getting into the mood, click here to read the Concord Hymn by Emerson.

God bless America.

4 thoughts on “Happy Belated Patriots’ Day!

  1. Sigh . . . I wonder what percentage of the American people even know what you’re talking about.

  2. Outstanding piece of journalism – you have outdone yourself once again! You make the strongest and most logical case I have ever heard for the critical importance of preserving the sanctity of the concept of majority rule in this country.

  3. Hey there folks

    April 19th came and went this year with not a word from anyone about what we used to call Patriots Day. President Bush named September 11th to be Patriot day several years ago. Thus, when April 19th comes around, no one knows what to call it. I think we should remember April 19th for all the reasons we previously called it Patriots Day.

    Here’s a brief description of how the first Patriots Day happened over 200 years ago


    Here’s a short list of reasons April 19th should remain in our memories


    Here’s the President’s rationalization that we ignore the above two lists



  4. Thank you Pete.

    BTW, the links in Pete’s comments are his. Tucson Sammy neither endorses, nor disapproves of their content.


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