The “Napster” Shows her Colors

Governor Janet Napolitano, whose activity in the Clarence Thomas hearings earned her a place in the Clinton administration, just vetoed Senate Bill 1425. This piece of legislation would have prevented the wholesale confiscation of privately owned weapons when they would be needed most – during “states of emergency”. Remember post-Katrina New Orleans? Remember the National Guard handcuffing citizens on the porches of their homes while those homes were searched and property (firearms) was confiscated without cause?

We all know that New Orleans was founded by the French. Do not expect Arizonans to allow themselves to be handcuffed and sit placidly by while agents of the federal government have their way.

This veto must be overridden. It’s a safety issue. It’s a civil rights issue. It is an issue of who serves whom.

If you do not believe that Governor Napolitano has contempt for the people of Arizona, click here to read her letter to Ken Bennett, President, Arizona State Senate, in which she not only proclaims her contempt, she insults our intelligence.

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2 thoughts on “The “Napster” Shows her Colors

  1. Um, I guess I just don’t get the “contempt” part of this, Omega J. I read the full text of the bill and my first thought was, okay, this isn’t a bad idea, but don’t our legislators have a lot more pressing items on their agendas than this? Janet has shown herself to be a pretty solid supporter of the Second Amendment – better, say, than George W. Bush, who supported the assault weapons ban and actually said he didn’t believe “assault weapons” had any place on America’s streets. Hypocrisy is a far bigger sin in my book than honest liberalism. You also neglected to give her credit for signing the three-strikes bill, a decently conservative thing for a Democrat to do.

    I don’t agree with nearly all of Janet’s policies, but I believe she thinks through her decisions. Something I could not say for a couple of past Republican governors by the names of Symington and Mecham. You want to talk contempt for the people of Arizona? They made us a laughing stock and drove the state into debt through one of the biggest economic booms in history – a legacy Napolitano is dealing with. Do you think the veto of 1425 is going to cost us as much as the alternative fuels swindle? I’ll take Janet any day over some of the Republican whackos we’ve been saddled with.

  2. Alpha J,

    Perhaps the term “contempt” was not the best choice. I does seem to me, however, that there was no good reason for the veto. I don’t recall any serious opposition. Most people do not care. There would have been no political price to pay had she signed. After the post-Katrina excesses, it seemed like a natural. What reason then would there be other than a mean spirited gesture, or a genuine desire to round up weapons? Either way, it says something about what she thinks of the people – I think any politician’s position on the “gun control” issue speaks volumes about he sees other people. I’m sure you would agree that that bit about ammo dumps and forest fires is an insult to thinking people.

    I did not intend to make a general case against Governor Napolitano – I honestly have not studied it. I did present background, that everybody seems to have forgotten, to make the point that she is a creature of Washington, D.C., and has a long history of partisan activities.

    You and I are on the same page regarding President Bush.


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