Government Schools and Money

The Arizona Daily Star ( to which we often refer as the “Red Star”) has filed another story about how Arizona spends less than any other state on “education.” By “education”, of course, the author means government schools. I won’t bother with a link. It’s an old story that gets republished periodically, usually when state budget negotiations are pending.

Actually, to be fair, the article claims we’re 49th based on 2004 data. Which is interesting because, based on the same data, Pennsylvania, Utah, Tennessee, Illinois, Florida, Louisiana, and Idaho also lay claim to position number 49. I suppose it’s harder to shame people when you’re only 37 or 41 or something – 49 sounds like you’re about to fall out the bottom. What I don’t understand is, if you’re going to be…let’s just say “inaccurate”, why not claim 50th? Isn’t that worse? What’s the magic with “49”?

I’m willing to bet that every state is woefully below the national average as well.

Speaking of the budget, Governor Napolitano (to whom Jim Nintzel of the Weekly refers as “The Napster”) has joined the rest of the leftists in pushing for all day kindergarten. This news can be found in the same papers that are running articles about inadequate funding of government schools. These guys need to coordinate a little better. They need to back off of the poor-mouth claims for a while before they advocate for any sort of expansion.

I have an idea. Why don’t we take a pass on the all day child care…um…kindergarten, and spend the money teaching kids stuff. In light of the fact that seventy five per cent of fourth graders in Arizona fail basic skills tests in reading and math, and many elementary school children cannot speak English, it seems like a better place to direct resources. ?Que’ no?

Speaking of speaking English, the Napster let the Republican plan for teaching English to non-English speaking students in the government schools slide into law without her signature. This should prove that she’s not just a political hack, but the powerful, fearless, dynamic Uber-Gov that the main stream media (MSM) has claimed she was all along. (insert smiley face here).

2 thoughts on “Government Schools and Money

  1. Jonathan, you omit the biggest flaw when discussing AZ school funding – indians. They get counted in the total number of kids but the federal money forthem – and for military kids too – isn’t calculated in state spending. AZ has large numbers of both.


  2. Yikes! Thanks Emil! That would make a heap big difference in the per pupil rate! I started looking at how the spending formulations work, but gave up after the third time my forehead hit the keyboard. It’s more convoluted than the federal tax code. Few people really know what’s going on, and they lie about it.


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