My Dinner with Edmund

Unlike the 1981 movie “My dinner with Andre”, I came away from my luncheon with Ed happy, smiling, and with new hope.

I met my friend Ed Kahn many moons ago through the Pima County Libertarian Party. At that time, Ed was the Libertarian candidate for Mayor of Tucson, running against Molly McKasson and Uncle Bob Walkup. He did not win, by the way, but he did have lots of fun “shooting from the hip” while his opponents muttered platitudes in an effort to please – or at least not offend – more Tucsonans than their competitors.

Ed is always taking a shot at evil, whether as a candidate for public office, or as a constituent writing letters to our public servants explaining the illegality and/or immorality of their latest scheme. Ed is a semi-retired attorney who lives both in Tucson and Prescott.

We dined Chars Thai Restaurant – my favorite for Thai food. Ed joined me at the table with a law text in hand. He is considering filing suit against Pima County for illegally financing private entities with taxpayer money. The text had a number of bookmarks that identified the relevant sections of the Arizona Constitution.

At this point, one might imagine Ed as a mean, frustrated, old man, and were he an atheist leftist, he might fit that description; but Ed is none of those things. Quite the contrary, Ed approaches the world with the joyful, light hearted manner of a deeply religious man. We discuss the current state of affairs with smiles and laughter.

Being a religious libertarian myself, I suppose that it is this approach to the world that I understand and admire in Ed.

While the socialists may be carrying the day in Pima County, they are losing their “treasure in heaven.”