Exposed! Commies Take Junkies’ Money for Child “Preparation” Scheme

Yes it’s true, the usual suspects are at it again. This time they intend to add another eighty cents to, can you guess, cigarettes and other tobacco products. More flesh will be ripped from the bones of the nicotine junkies.

They considered taxing alcohol products, but this will be a referendum, and too many people drink. Smokers are few enough now, and politically incorrect, so the commies can pretty much have their way with them. You know, it might be simpler, and more honest, frankly, to just round them up and send them to labor camps – commies are “down” with the labor camp thing; besides, they’re just smokers.

Can you guess who the beneficiaries will be? Of course, the children. In this case, the smoker money will be used to prepare little children for kindergarten. No, really, I’m not making this up. According to an article in the Arizona Republic, “The money would be used for services such as dental screenings, literacy programs and transportation to quality preschool programs.” Gosh, are kids supposed to know how to read before entering kindergarten? At least all those lines, stretching over the horizon, of kids waiting to see the oral surgeon will disappear.

They say the tax will raise fifteen million dollars a year. I had no idea that there were so many parentless children in Arizona.

The scheme is called “First Things First”, and will be on the ballot in November if the Bashas have their way. Joining the Bashas in support of the scheme are Jack Jewett, Lattie Coor, and Tucson’s own RINO mayor Uncle Bob Walkup.

They need to collect 124,000 signatures by July. Pray that they don’t.