The F-Word is the Bottom Line

Make no mistake; Arizona Democrats take their cue from the national bosses. For example, it was no coincidence that Democrat Governor Janet Napolitano and her New Mexico counterpart, Democrat Governor Bill Richardson, simultaneously declared states of emergency in the counties along their respective borders with Mexico. Now, with the Oregon vanguard to hold up as an example, activists in Arizona and elsewhere are pushing for mail-only voting.

Councilman-for-Life Steve Leal suggested that changing to the mail-only method typically increases voter turnout by fifteen to twenty per cent. I have my doubts, but let’s assume that it is true. Why assume that an increase – due to convenience – is good? I’ll bet we could get and even greater increase were we to pay people twenty bucks to cast a vote – would that make the democratic process better? Is it truly reassuring to know that your informed vote goes into the same tally as the guy who can’t decide if he should vote or break wind?

I read in an Arizona Daily Star article by Rob O’Dell that Freshman Councilman Nina Trasoff said that voting by mail would increase political discussions between families and friends…do you suppose she really believes that? I’m sure that the explanation of how that works would be fascinating.

Another serious argument is that balloting by mail is much cheaper than the present system of voting at polling places on Election Day. It would probably be cheaper still to hire John Zogby to do a telephone poll of registered voters. Yes, I will stipulate that it does cost more to insure the integrity of the ballot, and that every vote be counted.

My friends, there was a time when voting was considered a sacred duty – the most important democratic process of our republic. A time when people would have been embarrassed to say, “Look, I have to take the kids to soccer and I have to catch the latest ‘Commander and Chief’ episode, can’t I just send in a post card or something?” I like the idea of a secret ballot. I like the idea of putting the hard copy into the locked box – and knowing that everyone else is enjoys the same privacy and security.

Look, let’s peel the onion and get to the real reason for mail-only balloting, and that reason is the F-word, I’m referring, of course, to “fraud”. This mail-only balloting is the next round of motor-voter. The motor-voter bill was promoted with the same promises – none of which were realized. It has resulted in voter registration rolls that have swelled with multiple registrations across different jurisdictions, and non-citizens. This is by design, folks. Motor-voter makes fraud easier – though admittedly, not as easy as voting by mail.

Proponents are quick to point out that each mail ballot will have the signature checked – preventing fraud, and the ballot itself is in an envelope separate from the signature – ensuring privacy. These statements would be good for a chortle, if they were not so insulting to one’s intelligence.

In my opinion, people who tamper with elections are half a wrung above child molesters. People who aid and abet them are not much better.

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