Defining Leftists

Sometimes one hears a phrase, an expression, or some sort of notion that has a piercing affect. Like a good horror movie, the memory of the phrase pesters one for days.

So it was for me when I heard Steve Leal say, while discussing crime prevention and law enforcement, “We have to leave the 19th Century model.” This was the last sentence in a monologue he delivered at the City Council meeting of December 10, 2005. During the monologue he asserted that we needed new approaches to crime prevention – the usual “root cause” stuff, and that we would end up “chasing our tail” if we continue as we are.

I must take a moment to digress. I like Steve Leal. He is a friendly, personable man – even toward people such as yours truly. He’s the type of councilman to whom you can walk up in the grocery store and engage in conversation. In short, to the best of my knowledge he’s a regular guy. How he developed his screwed up politics is beyond me.

Of course, the 19th century model to which he refers is neither the ironclad ship Monitor, nor the Merrimac. He refers back to a day, on the frontier at least, when people took care of themselves and each other. Townsfolk would hire a professional lawman to organize posses when necessary, and run the jailhouse. “Public safety” was an individual thing to which the lawman would provide occasional assistance.

Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

This is what Steve would abandon. Apparently, he thinks that it’s silly to wait for someone to commit a crime when you can manipulate people before the fact, and avoid the crime altogether! This is the core of leftist thought. Individuals running around doing whatever the hell they want with their time and money makes the job of creating a utopia really hard. If government officials were allowed to recreate the masses as good people, crime would disappear. Anyone with a bad attitude would be sent to sensitivity training, or be used as an example.

Take a look at their policies, and you will see that those policies are totally consistent with this line of thought: increased taxation; government education; government charity; government babysitting; excessive regulation; “hate” crimes – the list goes on.

If Steve were the only leftist on the council, he would be mildly entertaining. Unfortunately, he is joined by at least three others, creating a leftist majority on the Tucson City Council. To make matters worse, we have a new City Manager who is very good (much better than his predecessor), and we’ve recently been relieved of state imposed municipal spending limits.

“Let’s pray for Tucson.”

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