How does Pima County say “Trust Me”?

Dang, now this is newsworthy! Here I thought that firearms enthusiasts were at the bottom of the totem pole as far as our public servants were concerned, but it appears that Off Road Vehicle (ORV) users have replaced them!

According to an article written by Tim Ellis for one of the hapless dailies, I think it was the Red Star, Pima County is about to convert Pima Motorsports Park, a park devoted to ORV riding, into a shooting range.

According to the article, the park was built with the volunteer labor of members of the ORV community, and a $1.2 grant from the state.

This is a case of saving some money up front, only to lose it all later. Pima County still owns the land, so they ultimately control the disposition. If the ORV crowd had arranged a purchase of the land, they would not have to worry about a fickle county…well, in this post-Kelo world, perhaps it matters not.

The county does have a problem in that the state grant would have to be repaid if the park is terminated – but not to worry, Raphael Payan of Pima County Parks and Recreation has suggested using open-space money to pay it back if need be…Yikes! Does Gayle Hartmann know about this? Do the voters who sanguinely approved the open space bond know that open spaces include shooting ranges?

What is the lesson here? People have honor, government entities have interests. Do not think that they value your interests over their own.

So, how does Pima County say, “Trust Me”? I would tell you, but this is a family site.

Note: Hat tip to the Alpha Environmentalist for bringing this to our attention.