New City Council – First Impressions

I’m afraid some of my worst fears are being realized. The first real business meeting of the new Tucson City Council met on December 13, 2005. Without going into great detail, I would like to offer some impressions.

We’re in the hands of the commies!!!….sorry…O.K….some deep breaths.

It would appear that the “progressive majority,” for which Nina Trasoff was hoping, is firmly in place. The meeting opened with a sort of high school skit (you know, a bunch of people take turns speaking while cheerleaders hold up signs on cue in the background) performed by the Pima County Interfaith Council (PCIC).

The PCIC, by the way, is a classic example of a leftist organization hiding behind the veil of religion. Many of the programs for which they were seeking funding are classic government-as-parent projects that occupy the kids after school. They were seeking tax money as a major funding source. I heard no reference to God or Grace as playing any part in the saving of “our children and youth.”

In the past, I’ve described Tucson City Councilmen as being either “hardshell socialists,” or “softshell socialists.” Here’s what I mean. At the council meeting, the hardshells (Leal, Uhlich, Trasoff) were demanding big money for socialism right here, right now, and to hell with any other considerations. They argued that the current situation was “unjust” at its inception, and that expanded social programs would “prevent crime” and be “an investment in our future.” They seemed very certain that the unwashed masses were on the verge of destroying society, and that it was only common sense to step in and save it. The softshells (Walkup, West) agreed in principle with the hardshells, they’re objections were purely logistical. They said that the “funding should be discussed as part of the budget talks,” and that sort of thing. No one, I repeat, no one objected, in principle, to the socialist plans. The only difference was that the hardshells were foaming at the mouth, and the softshells were not.

If you think that Councilmen Uhlich and Trasoff are not socialists, consider this: both women, as candidates, objected to any fees for KIDCO. The fees in question did not exist for poor people. The fees that were charged to the affluent were token fees – much less than a dollar a day. This provided an additional income stream to the program which increased its financial stability. Remember, people who had trouble paying were subsidized one hundred per cent. So what’s the problem? Fees for service – even token gestures – are not pure socialism. Pure socialism is all government, all the time. The fees corrupted their ideal; they will accept nothing less. This was evident at the council meeting.

I can see it now, in 2009 Mayor Walkup will announce the subsidized sale of a limited supply of rice cookers – just like Fidel!

4 thoughts on “New City Council – First Impressions

  1. Politics again? We wanna hear more about sailboats!

    Seriously: As a right-leaning political agnostic, I’d be happy to consider any youth social program that has been proven to do what it claims. So far I’ve seen none. All the existing schemes are nothing but empty replacements for the only system we have that’s proven to reduce crime among young people: parental involvement.

  2. Sad to say that it’s that sort of socialist governance that contributed to our leaving Tucson after 20+ years and moving to WIsconsin. It wasn’t the only reason, but it was a factor. I was tired of the lefties running things. Also sad to say, it’s not much better here. No concealed carry law (it will lead to the Wild West right here in Wisconsin, don’t you know), driver’s licenses given to illegals, Milwaukee City Council passing resolutions about slavery and the war in Iraq while their murder rate climes to 122, property taxes out of control, State sponsored low-interest mortgages to illegals — I could go on with examples of left-wing insanity. So perhaps you don’t have it so bad, yet. At least you have the weather.


  3. Alpha J,

    I agree that there is no substitute for parental involvement. My larger point in the posting is that these leftisits are not the imagined warm and fuzzy socialists – that describes the defeated Republicans. These are the hard-core boot-crushing-a-human-face-forever guys.

  4. Bluesmike,

    Sounds like you went from the pan to the fire! I understand that Aaron Zelman moved himself, his family, and his organization (Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership) out of Milwaukee when the local government began to act like the National Socialists.

    BTW – Many thanks to Frank for informing me of your blog –, good stuff!


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