More Election Thoughts – Last Time, I Promise!

O.K., I’m trying to “move on” past the election, but I’m having no success. I find myself contemplating my nationalization theory; specifically, I’m assuming the theory to be true, and looking back at events from that perspective. In other words, I’m recalling the statements of the Democrats and imagining what they would mean if spoken by their national leadership.

Don’t try this at home! In fact, I avoid doing this alone because occasionally it leads to hyperventilation, which can lead to a strong stomach cramp that can only be cured by breathing into a paper bag for a protracted period of time.

The Tucson Citizen (one of Tucson’s hapless dailies) stated that “Trasoff’s campaign is all anti-Ronstadt, with little attention paid to proposals for serving the ward and the city.” This is a fair description of both Democrat campaigns, and a precise picture of the party leadership activities at the national level. Even their affirmative campaign promises were reactions to the accomplishments of the Republicans – repeal the garbage fee, quicker implementation of impact fees, completely subsidize KIDCO, etc. Nothing creative or original was proposed.

Let’s translate some phrases that are repeated at both the local and national level (the wording might not be identical, but the assertions are the same). Uhlich says, “It’s about our values;” translation: “Republicans are out of touch with the people.” Uhlich says, “It’s about accountability;” translation: “Republicans are corrupt.” Trasoff says, “My opponent just doesn’t get it;” translation: “Bush is an idiot.” Uhlich says, “I support gun safety;” translation: “I don’t support gun rights, and I’ll use ‘safety’ as a ploy to deny the people that right.” These translations are mine, and not those of the candidates.

So, are the Democrats dullards with no vision or direction? I think not. It is more likely that they have a vision, and a direction in which they want to take Tucson – they just didn’t run on it. Is it a secret? Are there any clues?

How about the endorsements? Well, let’s look at the ones about which Trasoff boasts (taken from her flyer). Here are some: AZ Dem Progressive Caucus; Pima Area Labor Federation; Sierra Club / Rincon; S.AZ. Building Trades; Arizona List (State version of EMILY’s List); SEIU (a service workers union); Democracy for America / Tucson; Linda Ronstadt; Las Adelitas.

Where is my paper bag! I know better than to do this alone.

Jeez! This looks like a list of all the organizations that reserve tables at the local May Day celebration!

This is just too awful to contemplate. Let’s change the subject to…say…national Democrat party coordination at the state level! Now, I do not generally believe in dark conspiracies; but I do not believe in coincidences either. So when the Democrat governors of both Arizona and New Mexico suddenly declared states of emergency in their border counties, and threw some resources at border security, I smelled a plot rich with fertilizer.

Have the Democrats suddenly gone rational on us? No, Bush is a big open-borders guy, and they are the Antibush, voila! Seriously, someone in the party has finally identified border security as the big sleeper issue, and they want to get on the right side of it before the Republicans.

All politics is national…go figure!

1 thought on “More Election Thoughts – Last Time, I Promise!

  1. I totally agree with your assessment, and cringe at the thought of an
    all-democratic council. Will they offer Tom Volgy a volunteer
    position as spirit guide? Will they go after gun shows at the TCC
    again (a struggle in which, shamefully, Republican mayor Walkup
    joined them the last time)?

    However, the Alpha Environmentalist welcomes one item on the agenda,
    assuming (doubtful) they can actually carry through with it: Impact
    fees. Big ones. Yes. Let the real free market rule in Tucson’s growth
    sector. You want to move to our city? Welcome, and . . .PAY YOUR OWN

    I read the developers’ sham report purporting to show how growth
    really does pay for itself. Sorry, but if growth paid for itself
    Tucson would not be saddled with one of the highest municipal tax
    rates in the country. That isn’t the fault of tax-and-spend Dems;
    it’s because those of us already here are forced to pay for the
    roads, traffic lights, water, sewer, police, fire protection, and who
    knows what else for those moving here. If growth paid for itself,
    natives like me would be getting rebate checks every year.

    – Jonathan Hanson

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