Legal Weapon

I was writing an email to a friend today in which I actually expressed sympathy for Democrat candidates Karin Uhlich and Nina Trasoff. Both women are running in City races for the first time. They are running against two incumbents – Republicans Kathleen Dunbar and Fred Ronstadt respectively.

The good news for Uhlich and Trasoff is that Tucson has far more registered Democrats than Republicans, and people tend to vote their party. The bad news is that the Republicans have good records, and no scandals. Obviously, the Republicans have been successful in earning more than a few crossover votes. When they speak in public, the Republicans trot out all their good works over the last four years, and the Democrats whine about the “direction” of Tucson, and unseen sinister forces.

Oddly, given all that, the races are pretty close. I can’t account for that, other than True-Believer Democrat hatred for Republicans. It’s an interesting phenomenon. They seem to live in an alternate universe of their own creation where Republicans are the bought dogs of big business and grind the poor under their boot heels in their spare time. I heard a Ward III resident who lives near Campbell and Grant complain that the use of Campbell Avenue as an expressway for foothills commuters was a problem that “our councilmember doesn’t seem to understand.” Yet it was Dunbar’s office that helped form the Campbell Avenue Merchants Association, and installed signalized crosswalks on that Campbell Avenue itself. Even stranger, in a letter to the editor, the author implied that both Barbara Bush and Fred Ronstadt were racists because the used the words “those people” on separate occasions. Gosh, I hope Fred’s family doesn’t find this out, those people will be shocked!

It occurred to me that all this foam-at-the-mouth parallel universe stuff was primarily ginned up at the national level. Maybe there is some other tactic up there – at the national level – that our underprivileged Democrat candidates might use. Then it hit me! Barbara LaWall is a Democrat! Get her to indict ‘em! All of ‘em! Staff, family, and pets too! Progressive majority, here we come!