Tough Work for Uhlich and Trasoff, Steve Provides Comic Relief

Having attended four candidate debates, I’m beginning to detect patterns. My heart truly goes out to Democrats Uhlich and Trasoff. They have their work cut out for them in trying to find fault with Republicans Dunbar and Ronstadt. Their complaints end up being either petty or false. The rest of the time they make vague assertions about “powerful interests”, “leadership”, “values”, and “losing our sense of place.”

The Trasoff campaign in particular seems to be depending on undifferentiated Democrat hatred toward Republicans. She has little understanding of how the Tucson City government works, and seldom fails to provide Ronstadt with proof of that fact. She is also devoid of any positive plan, goal, or scheme. The least she could do is borrow something from another Democrat; you know, like Jimmy Carter’s plan to give every man, woman, and child a thousand dollars to stimulate the economy. If all the voters saw all the forums, Ronstadt would win in a landslide.

If nothing else, Uhlich is a class act. She is always calm and thoughtful in her speech. Quite stoic in an Austrian sort of way. She should probably have waited four more years to run. Tucson has had quite a bargain in the indefatigable Dunbar who puts in more than full time hours in the technically part time job of councilman. Rumor has it that Uhlich will keep her day job. Speaking of which, can Uhlich make the switch from special interest advocate to councilman after decades in that field? The Democrats accuse the Republicans of being divisive, but no one has united more people – including former political enemies – behind her than Dunbar. Uhlich and Dunbar are two strong, capable, and dynamic women. I’m going to hate to see one loose.

Councilman-for-life Steve Leal added some color to a recent forum when he called the state legislators “cretins” because the didn’t want to “register” Sudafed consumers. He suggested that Tucson should tell those pesky lawmakers to go have sex with themselves and start our own municipal registration program and “let them sue us.” He made no suggestion as to how the eighty-some-odd per cent of the meth that is imported to Tucson be controlled. Hey! I have an idea! Maybe Steve should get in touch with the Department of Homeland Security! I mean, we’re already conditioned to accept warrantless searches at airports, federal spying on our financial transactions, federal bans on political speech, and host of other stuff. It’s not much of a stretch to register Sudafed consumers – hell, he could probably get federal funding for it! From there, the program could be expanded to include the registering of consumers of adult beverages, fast food, tobacco products, sexually oriented products and literature, and readers of blogs! Man, he could make bad behavior come to a grinding halt! Steve also complained that the bus shelters have advertising, which means that bus shelters are only being built where people want to advertise, not where the bus riders are….surprisingly, I was the only one who laughed.