What are they Dropping at the Tucson Citizen?

The Tucson Citizen – Tucson’s quaint little afternoon newspaper – published their endorsements for the current City Council race. Ho-hum. I noticed that they endorsed Karin Uhlich over incumbent Kathleen Dunbar. My curiosity piqued, I read the column. Frankly, they are tripping to hard.

First let me say that I agree with their assessment of Mrs. Dunbar:

“Republican Kathleen Dunbar is the constituent service champion, with a record of achievement in infrastructure improvement, the fight against urban blight and responsiveness to businesses in the North Side ward during her four-year term.”

So far, so good. Then I read this sort of Timothy Leary description Ms. Uhlich:

“Challenger Karin Uhlich, a Democrat, demonstrates big-picture thinking and a record of accomplishment in the realm of service for Tucson’s downtrodden. She talks of a vision of improvement for a city badly in need of unifying political leadership.”

Now, it is certainly true that Ms. Ulich has distinguished herself in her service to the poor at both the Primavera Foundation, and the Southwest Center for Economic Integrity. I just don’t get the leap from narrow special interest advocate to political unifier and visionary.

Both Ms. Uhlich and Mrs. Trasoff do share a short term vision of unifying the city’s political leadership under the jackboot of a “progressive majority”. Perhaps that is the type of unifying the Citizen staff has in mind as they gaze through the window pane.

How about the following:

“Her call for making city government responsive to and inclusive of residents. For example, Uhlich says, residents would have had a say under her in implementing a garbage collection fee reasonably.”

You know, I haven’t done acid in thirty years … or is it the lack of punctuation? Maybe it reads better outside in the yellow sunshine.

Anyway, speaking of jackboots, check this out:

“Dunbar is a Johnny-come-lately to the anti-meth effort. While her help in cleaning up 300 drug houses in her ward is laudable, she missed the boat on meth controls, kowtowing to the retail lobby and weakly linking the registration of Sudafed purchasers to potential identity theft.”

That’s right, they’re criticizing her for having reservations concerning the registration of Sudafed purchasers! Hey, back in the 1960’s they used to say “Register communists, not allergy sufferers!” … or something like that; and please, the notion that the first person to hold a Town Hall on the “meth problem” is a “Johnny-come-lately” is absurd.

The guys down at the Citizen ought to forget the blotter, play a few tracks from “Wake of the Flood,” drink some orange juice, and revisit this thing later.

Karin Uhlich has done a stellar job as an advocate. Kathleen Dunbar has done a stellar job as a councilman. May they both continue to do so.