Menage a Trois (Group of Three)

Now that the primary is over, Democrats Steve Leal, Nina Trasoff, and Karin Uhlich will attempt to win their respective races, and create what Trasoff described as a “Progressive Majority” on the Tucson City Council. What affect will this have on our fair city? Let’s look:

Civil Rights: The current battleground of this movement is the gun rights issue. As many of you know, the despicable Jim Crow laws of the past have been removed from the books – all except those related to the possession of firearms, which have been expanded to include everyone. Expect the Democrats to team up with Republican Mayor Uncle Bob Walkup and further restrict firearms (if that’s possible) at the municipal level, and finally succeed in their effort to force the McMann-Roadrunner Gun Show out of Tucson. Do not believe the lie about the gun purchasing “loophole” at gun shows; there is no such thing. The attack on gun shows is an effort to intimidate, and deny the right of free assembly and association – something you would think the Democrats would fight for, rather than fight against.

“Living Wage” Ordinance: This was an issue championed by the Green candidate the last time around. If other cities are any indication, expect the Democrats to employ members of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) as the shock troops with which to push this ordinance. This is one of ACORN’s pet issues. Contrary to the propaganda that the “Living Wage” ordinance will “help families”; its true purpose is to shut unskilled workers out of the job market by creating an artificially high minimum wage, making those workers unemployable. This creates a dependency class, and shifts the work to higher waged union workers – that, my friends, is the object of the exercise.

Transit: This is another one of those areas where the Left totally abandons reality in favor of recreating the world in their vision of utopia. Let’s be honest, almost everybody prefers personal point to point, on demand transportation to buses that transport groups of people to a point near their destinations, after they wait around a while. Why do Democrat politicians want to lower the standard of living of the people of Tucson – people other than themselves? Expect no change to the government enforced monopolies that Suntran and the Taxis enjoy, expansion of the bus system (50 year old thinking), and perhaps a resurrection of a “Light Rail” trolley (100 year old thinking).

Gee! Will voting for Republicans save us? Nope. When pressed on any issue hard enough, they usually fall in line with the Democrats. Neither party is interested in new, creative solutions to anything. When did you ever hear a Republican say something like, “Wait a minute here. Why don’t we get rid of the laws that protect the buses and taxis from competition? Why, I’ll bet that there are thousands of people in Tucson who would come up with innovative solutions for underserved transportation markets, and if they can make money at it, then everybody wins!”? Republicans get elected not because they have fresh ideas; they get elected because they are not as bad as the Democrats. With the Republicans, you get the “Road to Serfdom” – Friedrich Hayek. With the Democrats, you get the “Toboggan Ride to Tyranny” – Vin Suprynowicz.