Bon Voyage Steve

My agents have informed me that Councilman-for-Life Steve Leal is flying off to China today – no, I don’t think it has anything to do with sensitive technology transfers or illegal campaign contributions… but, he is a Democrat… hmmm… Anyway, the Chinese government is footing the bill for Mr. Leal to tour a fossil deposit some thirty to forty miles west of Hong Kong. It is the hope of the Chinese that Mr. Leal can help them put a deal together with some dealers from the annual Gem Show.

Has anybody else noticed the progression of the communists toward capitalism, and the capitalists toward communism? Remember how the Russians were selling seats on their space flights; and some bureaucratic doofus at NASA said something to the affect of, “Well, just because he’s rich enough to pay his way, doesn’t mean he should get to go.” Dude, he’s a customer, get it? Now, are the ChiComs to preserve this wonderful paleological find for “The People”? No! They’re going to sell it off to American collectors. You can bet that if a new huge fossil bed were discovered in this country, the U.S. Marshals would be down there preserving it for “The People” faster than you can say “Antiquities Act.”

Mr. Leal believes that this deal will help keep the Gem Show in Tucson – apparently, Las Vegas and Denver are trying to acquire it. Why the Chinese, or the dealers for that matter, care in which city the show takes place was not made clear.

Well, I think that if Mr. Leal can help spread capitalism to the People’s Republic of China, more power to him. Good job Steve! I won’t tell your Democrat friends that you did this without any City funds, and I’ll be the first to defend you if they start carping about “looting the Third World,” or any of that crap. Keep up the good work!