Susan Zakin Nods

I think that I have finally calmed down enough to speak of the recent Kelo court decision. I really cannot add to the New Media commentary that has expressed the disgust we all feel – with the exception of Susan Zakin, of course.

I can, however, bring it home for ya. Who among us has not traveled to Sonora? Do we not remember the transformations from Arizona, to the boarder area (A sort of third state in itself), to Sonora? There is a marked lack of prosperity south of the border. A big reason for the lack of prosperity south of the border is lack of property rights.

There is little industry there, as compared to here, because there is no incentive to create wealth. Any wealth created by a peasant (someone without connections to, or part of, a ruling family) will surely be lost sooner or later. Without wealth creation, the existing wealth is passed around by the elites, and the peasants content themselves with a subsistence living below the radar. After all, why bust your ass to build a business, or a house (particularly in New London on the shore) if it can be taken from you by some rich person with the help of the government?

If this decision is allowed to stand, then the next generation truly will be less prosperous than this one. Am I suggesting that we’ll become another Mexico? No, there will be no prosperous neighboring country to providing an influx of cash – it will be worse.