Hair Pulling Time II

Note: this is a rewrite of an ealier posting which contained factual errors – thanks for your patience.

O.K., Let’s walk through this. As long as I can remember, it has been illegal to go into a bar with a gun in Arizona. There are, of course, exceptions: 1, law enforcement officers; 2, Owners of the establishment; 3, employees of the establishment with owner permission. The argument is that people go to bars to become intoxicated, intoxicated people go on murderous rampages; therefore, only unarmed people can enter bars so that when they become murderous they can’t do as much damage. The lie to this argument is inherent in the exceptions. Are armed and drunken police officers really so much safer than armed and drunken civilians?

Even if you answered “Yes!”, consider the another lie to the argument: when they say “bars”, they really mean any establishment that serves open adult beverages. Think about that. How many restaurants that you patronize sell beer, how many don’t?

Imagine going to a pizza joint for a dinner out with your spouse, and before you open the door to the establishment you notice a neon Budweiser sign in the window. Dang! You walk back to your car and think about where you’re going to put it…under the seat? No, you know at least two people who have had their pistols stolen that way. Hmmmm… glove box? Yea right! So you stash it in the vehicle, look around to see if anyone was watching, and go back to the restaurant to enjoy your “Meat Lover’s” and RC Cola, which you would have enjoyed were you not wondering if you were going to join the list of those who hang their heads and say something like, “Yea, I used to have this really nice .357 that my dad gave me when I graduated. It was his father’s. No, it was stolen out of my car in a parking lot.”

Someone finally noticed that the vast majority of people affected by the law were not going out to get intoxicated at all; in fact, many were not even having a beer with dinner. So, to make the law more reasonable, Senate Bill 1363 was written to allow armed people to go out to dinner if they did not drink. A common sense, no-brainer, right? Not quite.

The usual suspects (Leftist politicians, Leftist newspaper writers, police unions, etc.) came out in force against what they called the “Guns in Bars” bill. The usual moronic arguments were made: 1, Just because the person isn’t drinking doesn’t mean he won’t turn into a crazed killer if he’s in the proximity of alcohol with his gun; 2, You can’t expect some schlub to have the Jedi-like power over weapons that policemen have; 3, Criminals get into fights in bar parking lots, so, obviously, the guy going to the pizza parlor with his wife will too.

So Governor Janet Napolitano (you may remember Janet Napolitano as one of the Clinton administration lawyers who participated in the “high-tech lynching” of Clarence Thomas) vetoed SB1363.

How does it feel to know that the Governor of the State of Arizona sees you as a murderer waiting to happen?