Vernon Walker – Ward 5 Candidate

I ran into Vernon Walker today at the Himmel Park Library. He was there to attend a Citizen’s Advisory Committee that was meeting in the conference room – he wasn’t speaking, he was just watching and learning. I spoke with him briefly. He’s running against Councilman-for-Life Steve Leal. I had to ask him his party affiliation three times. I’m not sure if he was hesitant because Ward 5 is predominantly Democrat, or if he’s his own man first and a Republican second…..or third. Anyway, I was glad to hear that he would not repeat Jesse Lugo’s performance last time around. Jesse Lugo, you may recall, challenged Steve Leal in the Democrat primary and was soundly defeated even after riding his bicycle door to door throughout the Ward. Jesse Lugo is a self-made business man who owned a gas station, and held other positions in the industry (this was probably suffient to alienate him from middle class, white lefties). Leal had a free ride after getting rid of Lugo – there was no Republican candidate then. I asked Vernon Walker for his website. He grimaced as if I asked him if he liked little boys. He said that he did not have one, and claimed to be ignorant of “that stuff.” Once I realized that he was not kidding, I, in my gentle way, explained that this was the twenty first century, and that there was probably some geek out there who would set him up, if not, there were many an online site that would walk him through it, etc. Other than the computer illiteracy, he appeared a good man. Unfortunately, his qual;ites of humility, genuine congeniality, lack of cynicism, and simple directness – while qualities of a good man, do not always make for a good candidate. I wish him luck……..hmmm…….maybe I could be a candidate!

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  1. Run, Sammy, run! You’ve got an edge…you’ve got a blog. And a wicked sense of humor.

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